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Michael Cox - Art


Sketch - Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Boy in a Blue Jumper
Boats at Shoreham 1
Boats at Shoreham 2
Boats at Shoreham 3
Church of St Nicolas Shoreham
Still Life in Brighton
Fishing Boat Worthing
Bridge over Wharfe Ilkley
Contrasts Leeds Canal
Bridge over Wharfe Otley
Winter Trees
Woodland View
Spring Shelter
Lily Pattern
Kirkstall Abbey
Coppice Sunlight Mayfield
Craven Court
Sunlit Beck
Autumn Coppice
Shaded Corner
Trio of Gondolas
Night View Venice
Gardeners Delight
Still Life
Stepping Stones Canal Gardens Leeds
Masks in Venice
Methodist Church Hall Chapel Allerton 1
Methodist Church Hall Chapel Allerton 2
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Pebble Beach Worthing
Autumn Avenue
Returning Tide