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Just a little bit about me....

From a very early age I can remember being happiest when drawing and painting pictures.  While still quite young I won a scholarship to study art at the Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts.  After a few years when, for example, I had just started to appreciate the Impressionists and other modern Masters, due to lack of funds to further my studies, I found myself stepping onto the merry-go-round called 'real life'.
Michael Cox - Art
Several years and more than a few mundane jobs later I entered the world of antiques.  This necessitated travelling the country seeking out old furniture to sell from west London showrooms.  Our main customers came from the continent, the USA, Australia and South Africa, however, a high percentage of our UK customers were interior designers.  By this time I had a family to support and was looking for more stable and satisfying employment.  Interior designing seemed to be an attractive idea which could offer me the chance to use my drawing abilities, together with my understanding of colour.  This proved to be true for the next 30 years until, a few years ago, when redundancy halted the merry- go-round and I stepped off.  Now, with the unaccustomed luxury of spare time I have rediscovered my first love drawing and painting. Currently travelling frequently between Yorkshire and the Kent and Sussex coasts I am spoilt for choice for subjects of interest. My paintings are simple and are influenced by features such as the way light catches and travels across a subject or the colours within a shaded area, or even just the distortion of a reflection. In my paintings I do not attempt to record a realistic image of the subject, I have a camera that can capture this within a split second.  I enjoy the idea of creating a picture that includes elements observed over a period of time.  Global warming permitting I like to go out with my sketch book and camera to record scenes of interest.  However,, for a picture with atmosphere painting 'en plein air' is the answer as this is almost impossible to reproduce in the studio. During 2013 I have been offered hanging space in the Shoreham Gallery.  To view some of my work look up www.shorehamgallery.co.uk Thanks for reading. Michael Cox - Leeds - West Yorkshire.